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Kenton Nail Salon Fined £20,000

Kenton Nails was raided by immigration staff

Kenton Nails was raided by immigration staff

A local nail salon has come under question after this week’s raid by immigration officials. Kenton Nails as well as Pinner Nails paid a combined fine of £60,000 pounds following a national investigation into illegal immigrants who were not qualified to work in the UK.

Located on 186 Kenton Road, Kenton Nails saw the arrest of two Vietnamese employees believed to be illegal immigrants.

Immigration figures

Recently, the use of illegal workers has attracted local media speculation following a large raid of 14 Chinese immigrants in a house in Harrow this summer. According to the Guardian, the UK is home to over 430,000 illegal immigrants. This does not include additional asylum seekers who would push the number above 700,000.

Talking to the Harrow Observer, the head of Communications for Harrow Council Paul Osborn said, “The use of illegal immigrants in Harrow businesses is something we won’t tolerate.”

Speaking to Don’t Know news team earlier this morning, Lisa Tran of Kenton Nails defended her fellow colleagues by saying “ they’re not actually illegal immigrants, they just didn’t have their papers at the time the officials came”. To the best of her knowledge those in question will soon be released.

The 1971 UK Immigration Act states, that an immigrant could face fine or imprisonment for no more than six months if they cannot produce evidence of permission to live and work in the UK.

Residents’ response

Don’t Know also interviewed a regular customer who said “everyone in the area knows this sort of thing happens, but it’s not going to stop us from going, they’re really nice people and they do a good job.” Although she declined to go on camera and give personal information she went on to say local community will be supportive of the situation and still continue to patronize the shop.

Although the local community may be supportive of the nail salon, Osborn argues that the public has a right to know “People need to know that when they go to a nail bar or beauty salon they are being seen by properly trained staff. The use of illegal immigrants in Harrow businesses is something we won’t tolerate.”

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October 29, 2008 - Posted by | Live News

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