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Lewis Hamilton Wins F1 World Championship.

Lewis Hamilton has become the youngest Formula 1 Champion, at 23years old. His 5th place on Sunday’s final race in Brazil gave him just enough points to beat his title rival Felipe Massa.

Hamilton wins F1 championship

Hamilton wins F1 championship. Image courtesy granted by http://www.F1

Going into the race, Hamilton was at the top of the leader board and needed to come in at least 5th place to win the championship.

A sudden downpour just minutes before the start of the race caused a delay and gave the teams a difficult decision about which tyres to start the race on. The track was wet in places, giving the drivers a challenging start to the final race.

Hamilton stayed in a comfortable position throughout most of the race, reaching his much needed 5th place and holding off any competitors. With only a few laps to go, Hamilton was in 4th place, and then the rain came in.

The majority of teams took a final pit stop to change onto wet tyres, but the Toyota team took a chance and left Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli out on the track. As Hamilton went into the pits he was in 4th position and looked set to win the championship.

As Hamilton left the pits, he went back onto the track in 5th place, but with only 3 laps to go Vettel slid past him into 5th. It looked like it was all over for the young F1 star, as the final lap began with Hamilton in 6th place.

As Felipe Massa crossed the line to win the race, the Ferrari team looked set to celebrate a championship win. On the final corner, Hamilton shocked everyone by overtaking Timo Glock and clinching the much needed 5th place to win the championship.

For many Felipe Massa was the real champion, staying in first place throughout a difficult race, and only losing the title by one point. The nail biting final race was a fitting end to the F1 season.

Many race reports have commended Massa on his grace in handing over the title to young Hamilton.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown paid tribute to the F1 champion on Monday, saying that he was “thrilled” at Hamiltons championship win.

He said “ I think that the whole of Britain are proud of the inspirational Lewis Hamilton and the McLaren team”.

In an interview with, the new champion commented on the final race, “the last two laps were the toughest two laps of my entire career because the stakes were just so high”.

On being the F1 champion, Lewis Hamilton said, “it doesn’t really sink in straight away – but then it hits you again and again: ‘Wow, you are world champion!’ It’s a cool feeling”.

For background on Lewis Hamilton visit the link.

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Lewis Hamilton Background

Born in Hertfordshire in 1985, 23 year old Lewis Hamilton has just become the youngest F1 World Champion to date.

After losing last years F1 championship by just one point, Hamilton had a lot to make up for this year. In 2007 he was set to become the champion, with a 17 point lead and only two races to go, it shocked the nation when he finished in 7th place in Brazil, losing the championship to Finland’s Kimi Räikkönen.

Lewis Hamilton began his racing career in 1993 when he was just 8 years old. By the age of 10, Hamilton had won the British Karting championship, and more wins were to come. He was spotted by McLaren chairman and CEO, Ron Dennis and was signed to the McLaren and Mercedes-Benz Young Driver Support Programme. At the age of 15, Hamilton was crowned the Karting world number 1.

Hamilton in his Go Kart. Picture courtesy of

Hamilton in his Go Kart. Picture courtesy granted by

After winning the British Formula Renault, European Formula Three and GP2 championship, he became a McLaren F1 driver for the 2007 championship. During the 2007 season, Hamilton broke numerous records, including most wins in a debut season and youngest driver to lead the World Championship.

His success in his rookie year of F1 did not go unnoticed by members of the public, as he was voted runner up in the 2007 Sports personality of the year.

On 18 December 2007, Hamilton was banned from driving in France for a month after being caught speeding at 122 mph on a French motorway. His Mercedes-Benz that he was driving at the time was impounded.

Banking giant Santander, one of the world’s biggest banks, sponsors Lewis Hamilton, as well as McLaren’s other commercial partners Vodafone, Hugo Boss and TAG Heuer. Hamilton appears on a television advert for Santander, where he drives away in his McLaren F1 racing car.

Hamilton is currently dating Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of the American girl band Pussycat Dolls, who witnessed his championship win on Sunday’s race in Brazil.

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Brand blunders yet again.

Russell Brand has yet again become the centre of media attention due to one of his infamous practical jokes. Brand, who hosts a Saturday night radio show on Radio 2 has upset Manuel from Fawlty Towers.

Andrew Sachs, the actor who played the Spanish waiter in the much loved BBC comedy, appears to be disgusted at the behaviour of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross on last Saturdays show.

The comedy duo phoned Sachs during the radio show for a pre-planned interview, but when he didn’t answer, Ross proceeded to leave a message claiming that Brand had slept with Sachs’ granddaughter.

Following this, the pair continued to leave lewd messages on Sachs’ answer phone, which rightly upset the 78 year old actor. His granddaughter, 23 year old Georgina Baillie, an aspiring model, was the brunt of the jokes made by Brand and Ross on this occasion.

Since this blunder, both Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand have been asked to apologise for this unnecessary prank. The pair apologised on air during the show on October 18th, saying that it was “just a joke” but continued leaving lewd messages.

The BBC have formally apologised to Mr Sachs on Monday, after receiving over a thousand complaints, including one from Sachs’ agent. The BBC has called the behaviour of Ross and Brand “unacceptable and offensive”.

Russell Brand apologised to Mr Sachs on his most recent show this weekend, but cheapened the apology in saying that it was funny. Jonathan Ross has personally apologised for offending Andrew Sachs.

The programme had been pre-recorded, so editorial decisions appear to be under scrutiny for allowing the offensive nature of the programme to be aired.

According to the BBC, media giant Ofcom has now said that it will launch an inquiry into

Brand and Ross

this incident, as questions have been raised over the controls and rules that must be adhered to within radio broadcasting.

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For background on Russell Brand, visit this link.

Hear what students at Westminster University have to say.

Brand and Ross Picture courtesy of The Telegraph online

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Russell Brand Background

This is not the first time that the risqué comedian has been involved in some kind of media blunder. Earlier this year during a live show in Northampton, Russell Brand made a hoax phone call to the police about a man in ‘polka dot trousers’. The prank went down a storm with live and television audiences alike, however he apologised publicly for causing possible offense.

His performance as host at the MTV VMA’s was also rather controversial, as he openly made fun of American boy band, The Jonas Brothers, mocking their virginity and pledge to wear promise rings. This joke did not appear to go down so well with American audiences as Brand’s humour seemed lost.

Russell Brand began his career as a presenter on MTV presenting Dance Floor Chart, but was fired for coming to work dressed as Osama Bin Laden the day after the September 11th attacks. He then recorded his show RE:Brand, which looked at cultural taboos, aired on UK Play in 2002.

During the show he lived with a homeless man, challenged his father to a boxing match and met the leader of the youth BNP. According to his writings in My Booky Wook, Brand was drunk or on heroin for most of the filming of this series.

In 2002 Brand hosted a radio show on London’s XFM, but was fired for reading out pornographic material on air.

Brand has had a large presence on E4, hosting Big Brothers Eforum and Big Brothers Big Mouth. He also became the 5th celebrity to hijack the Big Brother house in this year’s Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack. The channel also hosted his own chat show, The Russell Brand Show.

Russell Brand as Aldous Snow. Courtesy of

Russell Brand as Aldous Snow. Courtesy of

Surprisingly MTV let him back in 2006, hosting the show 1 Leicester Square. His series Ponderland will be aired on Channel 4 later this month.

Despite his past debaucheries, Brand has made a very successful name for himself. His book, which was released last Christmas has been well received and he plans to release another ready for this years festive season.

His film debut as Aldous Snow in the hit film Forgetting Sarah Marshall has increased his popularity with American audiences. Bedtime stories a Disney film starring Brand is due for release later this year.

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For information on the recent Brand/Ross scenario, visit this link.

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie Background

The Madonna and Guy story.

Madonna, Madge, Material Girl…everyone has heard of Madonna, unless they’ve been living in a cave for the past 20 years. As a 1980’s pop icon, Madonna’s rise to fame came after her number one ‘Like a Virgin’, where she performed at the first ever MTV VMA’s.

She made her jump into films towards the end of the 80’s, appearing in Vision Quest and Desperately Seeking Susan and Who’s that girl.

Whilst filming the video for her single ‘Material girl’ in 1985, she became involved with actor Sean Penn, and married him later that year. The couple divorced two years later.

Her fourth album Like a Prayer, released in 1989 sold over million copies worldwide, and was hailed by Rolling Stone as ‘the closest to art as pop music gets’.

Her uses of religious symbolism and the sexual nature of her performances drew criticism from the Vatican in the later 1980’s.

Throughout the 1990’s Madonna continued to be controversial, causing havoc with her attire and unnecessary antics. During ‘The Girlie Show World Tour’ in 1993 she dressed as a whip cracking dominatrix, continuing her sex fuelled theme from the previous few years where she published a book of sex pictures and starred in a bondage film.

In 1996 Madonna gave birth to her first child, a daughter Lourdes with her personal trainer Carlos Leon.
Her most remembered song of the 90’s was perhaps ‘Beautiful Stranger’ which featured Austin Powers in 1999.

Madge married film director Guy Ritchie in 2000.

Guy Ritchie’s first successful film was Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels in 1998, which won an Edgar award for Best motion picture screenplay.

The success of this was followed by Snatch in 2000, a similar British gangster film which has been compared to the 1994 cult classic Pulp Fiction.

Ritchie has two sons with Madonna, Rocco and David Banda, a Malawian boy they adopted in 2006. This adoption caused media allegations that they violated the country’s adoption laws.

Since the announcement of their divorce, David Banda’s biological father has claimed that he wants his son back, as “he doesn’t look happy”.

Looking Happy? Picture granted courtesy of polichicksonline

By Carrian Jones

For info on the Madonna/ Guy Ritchie split, visit this link.

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Madonna and Guy Ritchie have split

Madonna and her husband of 7 years, Guy Ritchie have announced their divorce.
The couple have 3 children together and Madonna even made an unexpected appearance on the red carpet with her film director husband for the premier of his most recent film RocknRolla in September this year.

Last week the couple issued a short joint statement to announce the end of their relationship.

Earlier this summer the world famous pop star told her spokeswoman to issue a “strongly worded” document insisting there were “no plans to divorce”.

British director, Guy Ritchie threw an extravagant 50th birthday bash for his wife in August. The party came after an interview with an American magazine in which he said: “My marriage is fine, as far as I’m aware of.”

Madonna’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg has said that the couple have not yet agreed a settlement, but hope to have proceeding finalized by Christmas.

Ever since the spit was announced last week, the couple have used the press to verbally attack each other.

During a show of Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour, she mentioned an “emotional retard” creating speculation that she was commenting on her soon to be Ex husband.

Guy has reportedly bitten back in saying that making love to Madge was like “hugging a piece of gristle”.

Madonna claims that he was a gold-digger, although revenue from his films has reached up to £25million.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has said that she will support her friend Madonna through this difficult time, saying “she’s a very good friend. I’m supporting her in all the ways that I can. I’m just there.”

This support seems to be vital to Madge as Ritchie is claiming that the pop superstar has been spying on him.

This showbiz couple has always sparked speculation, and the announcement of their split looks like the most natural thing they have done in a while.

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Picture granted courtesy of

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For background on Madonna, visit this link.

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Britney bites back at Womanizers

Is it comeback time for Britney?

Britney Spears appears to be on the brink of a massive comeback. This comes after her recent success at the MTV VMA’s where she won 3 moon men awards for her “piece of me” video.

Her last few albums have not been well received, and combined with her very public breakdown, her title as Pop Princess has been seized.

Now 2008 looks like it could be the year for her to regain that title, as her life appears to be almost back on track. After going through rehab for drugs and alcohol, finally getting rid of ex Kevin Federline, and working to get herself fit and healthy, Britney may well be topping this all off with a brilliant new album.

Spears plans to release a new fragrance in January 2009, and if all goes well with the new album this may also become a top seller. Plans for a 90-minute documentary called Britney Spears: For the Record is set to air on MTV on Nov. 30. This one off will include interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and documentary clips where she is said to come clean about the past few years of her hectic life.

Her new song Womanizer will be the first release from her newly recorded album Circus. The single was leaked on a radio station in Tenessee as a rough mix of the track, but it is now available with a steamy video to boot.

The video shows Spears as a sexy office worker, waitress and a chauffeur; tempting the male womanizer with each character. As is customary with a Britney video, she bares all in a steamy sauna scene.

The song itself is packed with catchy lyrics, which will no doubt make an unforgettable dance tune, whether we like it or not.

Spears describes the song as “a girl anthem, it about men cheating on women. Basically saying we know what you’re up to”. She has described her upcoming album as her best work yet, and with its release on her 27th birthday in December, we don’t have long to wait.

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For background on Britney Spears, visit this link.

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Britney Spears Background

The Rise and demise of Miss Spears
Britney Spears was perhaps best known for dancing around dressed as a school girl for her debut single, “Hit me baby one more time”. However the former Princess of pop has been through some rough times since she started out in 1999.

Early in 2002 her 4 year relationship with Justin Timberlake of N’ Sync came to an end amid rumors of her infidelity. Her restaurant, Nyla also opened in New York in 2002, but closed in 2003 due to management issues.

Britney’s first starring role was in the 2002 film Crossroads, which was poorly received. She received Razzie Awards for Worst Actress and Worst Original Song. Once again she was back in the limelight in 2003 with the highly talked about Kiss with Madonna during a performance at the MTV awards. 2003 also saw the release of her 4th album, In the Zone.

Her personal life began to gain substantial media attention after her short marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander in January 2004, in Las Vegas.

Just months after her first marriage, Britney announced her engagement to Kevin Federline in July 2004. After marrying in October of the same year, she gave birth to two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston born in 2005 and 2006. Her marriage to Federline ended in 2006.

Britney and Kevin. Picture courtesy of

Britney and Kevin. Picture courtesy of

2007 was a tough year for the star, as her much loved Aunt died; then she ended up in drugs rehab and shaved her head in a hair salon. Her divorce to Federline was finalised in July. In September she lost joint custody of her children to Federline when she was involved in an alleged hit and run incident.

2008 didn’t begin on such a good note for Miss Spears, as on January 3rd she refused to give up custody of her children. Police were called to her home and she was hospitalized and held for psychiatric evaluation for 2 days. On 31st January, a court placed Britney’s father in charge of her and her finances.

This decision appears to have marked the beginning of her comeback as she appears to have turned herself around. On July 18, 2008, Spears and ex-husband Federline reached a custody settlement in which Federline retains sole custody while Spears keeps her visitation rights.

Lets hope the future is brighter for Britney!

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For information on Britney’s latest single, Womanizer, visit this link.

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