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Brent youth stays in jail rather than take early exit

Brent Magistrates Court in Willesden, North West London

Brent Magistrates Court in Neasden, North West London

By Andria Greaves

A 21 year-old Somalian from Alperton has been remanded in custody after his plea for bail was refused.

Brent Magistrates heard how on the 21st October this year, two cars had been broken into around 4.30am on St John’s Road, off Wembley High Road.

When the second vehicle was robbed of its Satellite Navigation – commonly known as Sat Navs – its owner was woken by the noise of the car alarm and saw Sayeed Ismail next to the vehicle. Police arrested him when he was boarding the number N18 bus outside Primark, Wembley. When searched, police found two Sat Nav devices identical to the ones reported missing.

Mr Ismail, of no fixed abode, has constantly declined to have a legal representative to stand for him. He’s adamant he was given the Sat Navs that he was caught with by a friend called Z, saying: “I don’t know his address or where he lives. Anyway he won’t turn up.”

When told that Z could be summoned to testify, Mr Ismail said: “ I know he’s a thief, so there’s no point in trying to get him here!”

When Mr Ismail denied the allegation, he was give the chance to have the case heard in a Crown Court but decided he would prefer to have the case held in the same magistrates court, adding: “Yeah boss, I’d rather have it heard here, get it over and done with boss.”

During his application of bail, Mr Ismail, who wore a dark blue t-shirt with a white and red logo on front with white collars around the arms and grey jogging trousers, kept saying: “I ain’t done nuttin wrong boss.”

The CPS stated there were grounds to reject bail for Mr Ismail, which was upheld by the court.

Mr Ismail, who denies the charges, is remanded in custody. The case is suspended until 9.30am the 22nd December 2008.

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