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Travel to waste or travel to save?


The economic crisis will inevitably affect the tourists. A good thing is that travellers is a completely different species, and with a bit of a wise planning, they can turn it into their advantage.

If you are just out of university and you are struggling to find a job while paying all your bills maybe it’s time for that break you were dreaming of since high school.

road1If you have enough money to pay your rent for the next two months, then you have enough money to spend a few more months in a cheaper country.

It is easier to organise a trip like that now, thanks to the internet. Sites like The Backpacker and the backpacking site will give you tips, ideas and guides to specific countries.

You can plan ahead your accommodation with websites like the hostel-finder and hostelword. map

It wouldn’t make much sense to travel to a country like Luxembourg or Switzerland. If you want your money to last longer, try Latin America, Africa, Asia or Eastern Europe. The British pound is still strong there and you can spend much more time in these countries than you would here, with the same amount of money.

For the practical minds, you can use this trip to gain work experience, while saving money. Either by volunteering or with part-time jobs, you can save on your accommodation and make your CV more unusual and interesting. The Prospects website offers advice but there are literally hundreds of websites with projects abroad. Be careful though, because some of them charge with ridiculous prices for their services.

Remember, when the time comes for you to find a job and settle down, it will be much harder to take a gap year or a break to travel. This period is an ideal time to do it. Leave your stuff at your parents’ house, stop spending your money on your rent and get through the economic crisis in a distant and exotic location.

When you come back, you will have more energy and experience to look for a job and let your CV stand out. Even though we can’t tell how long this crisis will last, it seems that a gap year now will give you nothing to lose.

Not to mention the places that you will see… But that’s another subject!


Author: Dimitra Rizou

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Barack And The Evangelical Vote

With the U.S. presidential election less than a month away, there are a number of key groups who both candidates need support from to secure their vote.

Statistics reveal that Barack Obama is favoured by women, Hispanics and under 30’s.  In the Los Angeles Times, Democratic pollster Mark Mellman said “Women are voting for Obama because they dislike Bush, they dislike McCain, they dislike the war, and they’re upset about the economy”

His main challenge will be to ensure that young Americans make the effort to place their votes.  Having invested $33m on advertising, he is well aware of the challenge ahead of him.

Both candidates are concentrating on the key states where they can focus their efforts, those being Florida, Ohio and Virginia.

Loyal followers

John McCain’s most loyal supporters are the right wing evangelical communities, with numbers increasing since Sarah Palin was nominated.  Even though she lacks the extensive experience Joe Biden has to offer, her strong pro-life stance allows her to escape criticism from the evangelical voters.

It is believed that the adult evangelical population is as high as 47% of the total adult population.  John McCain is in the lead of Obama by around 71% in the evangelical vote.  The Evangelicals for McCain campaign has been active throughout the election process, with it’s website attracting millions of viewers each day.

He also holds a strong pro-life stance and has publicly spoken out against the Roe v Wade decision of 1973, which will secure him the evangelical support.  He also holds strong views on Christianity and recently said:-

“Virtues, like telling the truth, are exemplified in the Ten Commandments.  They could be and should be taught in every school in America.”

Playing the Christian card

Since President Jimmy Carter was elected, evangelicals have been pivotal players in the U.S. elections.  They were recognised for their part in the 2004 presidential vote, in which they made the crucial difference.

Both McCain and Palin are well aware of this strong community who are supporting them and make every effort to endorse their strong Christian beliefs.

New tactics

Hate campaigns particularly from Palins’ team have attacked Obama for his apparent involvement with terrorism.  She claimed that he was once friends with an ex-member of the Weather Underground group who had opposed the Vietnam War in the 60’s.

The gun-loving pro-death penalty ‘hockey mom’ of five is well aware of what needs to be said to scare the right-wing Americans.  An accusation that Obama could be associated with terrorists has been enough to cause a stir within the voting polls, with many people buying into this.

The truth is that the evangelical vote is crucial to the final result of the U.S. elections and it would be naïve to say that the same thing could not happen to Obama as it did John Kerry.  They will no doubt play a major part in the final decision of who will become the President of the United States this November.

By Ffion Rees

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