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3rd World Aid During the Recession Background, G8 Summit

Each year, leaders of the annual G8 summit gather together in hopes of making the world a better place. Meetings last just over two days, covering issues ranging from human rights to energy efficiency.

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Complete with pomp and circumstance, the G8 Summit consists of leaders primarily from Canada, France, Germany, The United States, The United Kingdom, Russia, Japan and Italy.

What the G8 Attempts to Accomplish

Speaking during July’s G8 Summit in Hokkaido Toyoko, then Japan’s Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda said, “world leaders will discuss the world economy, environmental concerns, African development and other pressing issues that must be tackled”.

During the summit, leaders’ portray the image that they are seeking unity and prosperity for the nations involved in the meetings and consequently for the rest of the world. However, how big of an impact do the meetings really have on foreign policy and the overall welfare of the estimated 6 billion people worldwide?

During the 2005 summit and repeatedly in 2007, G8 leaders agreed to end world poverty. This means making sure that poor nations such as Africa have enough money in their nation’s reserve to feed and medicate millions of less fortunate individuals living in the third world.

From the outside, the G8 summit may appear to be a win-win situation for countries in need, however although large sums of money are promised, there have been substantial complaints about its distribution.

Opposition to the G8

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Each G8 meeting is met with some progress, but also much scrutiny. Consensus among the general public has been positive, as third world nations are hopeful that aid will pour in, yet negative as some view the event only as a spectacle.

This year alone, thousands protested at the G8 conference in Japan. According to BBC News, “$280 million” was spent on the security budget alone or roughly $35 million per world leader. Around 20,000 police officers were in deployed in order to keep watch.

Aid organizations and celebrities such as Bono have previously “warned G8 backsliders” asking for aid to be delivered quickly according to the Guardian Newspaper.

The success of the annul G8 summit weighs heavily on member nations setting a realistic plan of action for today’s most pressing issues. As the world’s most prosperous nations come together, they must not leave the rest of the world behind.

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